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Christmas is coming =) Call us for the best specials in town in NYC

Holiday Spa Gifts

Doesn’t it feel like Thanksgiving was just yesterday? Crazy enough, we’re exactly 2 weeks away from Christmas! Don’t panic just yet. We’re here to help.

Keep it simple for yourself, and get them a gift they’re sure to LOVE! The gift of pampering is tried and true. Most people don’t splurge on themselves, so although it may be simple for you, it is most certainly super thoughtful. You will be their hero if you give them a Gift Certificate to the spa! Trust us on this.

Give your father the best gift a daughter or son can get him -- the best spa package for him to feel like a new man again.

Father's day is here!

It is second nature to think that Moms need pampering, and they definitely do. But did you know that Dads need pampering too? This Father’s Day,  skip the electronics, gadgets, and tools. Pamper Dad with our Father’s Day Specials instead. It will be much more memorable and appreciated than a drill, trust us. It is because we don’t think of Dads as needing pampering, nor do Dads themselves think of getting pampered, that makes a spa gift a great gift for Dad on Father’s Day.

Mother's day is here !  Let's offer our mothers the best package we have to pamper her for all her hard work and love she gave the family all these years!

Mother's day is here!

It’s Mother’s Day Weekend! Celebrate the most important woman in your life and spoil her with some pampering. Get her a Gift Certificate for a Spa Package you know she’ll love. Not sure what she likes? No problem. Get her a Spa Dollars Gift Certificate, so she can choose the treatments she wants. Everybody wins!

On this special and unique day where all couples young and old gather to celebrate a day of love, of companionship, and great memories,  bring your significant other to the spa for a couple's spa package.  click on specials!

Valentine's Day Specials

Just like that, we are down to the last two days of January. That means February is on the horizon, and Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Don’t panic yet. There’s plenty of time (kinda). Dinner, flowers, chocolates, jewelry are all nice gifts, but a bit repeated. This Valentine’s Day, try a gift of pampering instead. Even if you’ve done a spa day together before, it’s still a satisfaction guaranteed activity. We can all use a mini escape from our everyday lives, and a Couples Spa Package is just that! The little amount of time that you get to spend together, away from the outside world…to RELAX together!!! That is priceless. You can also choose to spoil your sweetheart with a spa package for just them. It’s a super thoughtful gift, trust us. Not attached, fret not. We did not forget about our single people. Spoil yourself with Valentine’s Day Specials for One! 

There’s nothing wrong with self love. There’s a reason why “Treat Yoself” is so popular. Whatever your budget is, we have something for everyone at

Non other than the most relevant holiday for togetherness. Come and celebrate with your family the love and hard work everyone has been placing into each other's lives. Let's celebrate and feel relaxed and pampered!

Thanksgiving is here!

It is hard to believe that this year has flown by, and Thanksgiving is here to kick off the Holiday Season. As much as most of us love the holidays, the thought can really give you anxiety. We are here to help! While there are a few days left before the big day, try to fit in at least an hour of pampering time. Get a massage to release tension and tame knots, so you’ll feel rejuvenated. Or get a facial for a skin refresher, so it will be glowing when you gather with loved ones for Thanksgiving dinner. 

If you are really tight on time, do a DIY pampering sesh at home. Just take at least 30 minutes to quiet down for some ME time with a sheet mask, cold teabags on your eyes, bubble bath, meditation, etc. Anything that lets your brain take a break for a bit will be helpful. It’s always important to take a breather so that you won’t feel overwhelmed. If you can stop by our spa, we have plenty of money-saving deals that your wallet can appreciate this time of year. Check them out in the SPECIALS section.

Gift any package, service, and couples package in our spa to your significant other.  Gifts are subtle ways to say, I miss you and I love you always.

Gift Ideas

The Holiday Season is a hectic time, and it can really be stressful thinking about the perfect gift for someone. Take a deep breath, we have the perfect gift idea for you. Get them a Spa gift certificate! Who doesn’t want to receive a gift of pampering? Trust us, this is a gift they will LOVE and appreciate. 

But a Spa Gift Certificate in our opinion is different because you’re giving them a gift of pampering, relaxation, rejuvenation, stress relieve, shall we go on? We think it is actually very thoughtful. Plus you can always add a personal touch and include something small that person loves or can use. Some examples, baked goods, chocolate, bottle of wine, a mug with some tea bags/box of tea, a bath product (body lotion, scrub, shower gel, etc).

For all our veterans. We want to thank you for your dedicated service to protecting our country, check out our specials!

Veteran's Day

Happy Veterans Day! We salute all Veterans for their service to our country.  Please check our specials section when this holiday approaces for discounts and packages to celebrate with all of our Veterans.   Whether it is for you or your loved ones, we welcome to enjoy this day at our spa with relaxing treatments.

Every Wednesday! we celebrate this awesome day with specials!

Happy Hump Day!

Sometimes we give good discounts on Wednesdays! Call to request Wed discounts if available.